Harbor City Dojo

2225 S Babcock St in Melbourne, FL

Harbor City Dojo Philosophy


  • Our Goal: To distinguish ourselves in Martial Arts instruction in our community by teaching respect, integrity, service, teamwork and personal responsibility, thus producing community leaders.  

  • Our Vision:  As we teach children and adults, we do so keeping in mind that we are not only training them physically, but we are training their minds as well.  Perhaps the most valuable result is the confidence and positive attitude that each student develops through traditional Japanese martial arts.  
  • It is not as much about being able to beat others but, rather, about developing an unbeatable spirit.  
  • Earning a black belt is a great accomplishment in the life of a young person and for an adult student as well.  
  • This path of accomplishment in our dojo establishes in each individual the knowledge that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to do.  There is not a more valuable lesson to be taught at any age.  
  • The result: A positive attitude that lasts a lifetime. The student's sense of accomplishment, self-discipline, confidence and friendships made will also last a lifetime. 

  • Our Motto:  Hard work pays off!